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Illustration & Design by Kenn Brown & Chris Wren | Illustration & Design By Kenn Brown & Chris Wren

International Space Elevator Consortium:

“ISEC promotes the development, construction and operation of a space elevator as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity …”

“The Space Elevator may be built for security reasons or national pride, but its capacity can only be satisfied by a real space-based economy.

People need to be sold on the idea of a Space Elevator. The public needs to be educated as to how a Space Elevator works and why it is needed and they need to be convinced that a Space Elevator will make their life better. Societal institutions; government, media, unions, the educational system, etc. must all be convinced that at the very least, this is not a project to oppose and, hopefully, one to support.”


“The Space Elevator project is a collaborative development effort, and what we refer to today as the baseline design is the sum total of the contributions of many people.” We encourage you to check out the Consortium by visiting:

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Did You Know?

  • Dr. Robert Hare, psychologist and FBI criminal profiler featured in the 2003 documentary, The Corporation, opined that corporate behavior mirrors the checklist of characteristics which the World Health Organization employs to define psychopathic personalities.
  • The Constitution of the State of Maryland in relevant part defines the common law of Maryland as the Common Law of England as of July 4, 1776.
    In A celebrated case in England in the 1850’s a litigant who was due to lose a huge case in desperation issued a challenge for trial by combat to his opponents and showed up in front of the courthouse in full armor at the appointed time. When the other side failed to show up he demanded (and got) a victory by default. A reluctant judge concluded that since it had never been altered by statute, trial by combat was still a valid part of English Common Law. An emergency session of Parliament was called the next week to formally outlaw the practice once and for all.
    Maryland however, never followed suit, so technically Trial by combat remains “on the books” of MD Common Law.